Who’s There?

I have to confess that writing has been the very last thing on my mind and WE apologize for such a long delay in updating this stand-still of a blog.

If you can believe it, Jake and Jill are still at it; 3 years of adventuring under the belt with plenty more down the pipeline. I have absolutely no idea how any “adventure bloggers” find the time to enjoy the adventure and simultaneously sharing it with the world? Maybe they have a magical fairy who can translate the jumble of experiences into something tangible for all to see (not to mention crazy-awesome photo-and-video-editing skillz). I need one of those!

Today is September 18, 2017, we are officially back aboard sailing vessel Bosco. Its been nearly a year since we’ve last seen her! Can you believe in that time we’ve managed a whole whirlwind of adventuring? Iceland, New Zealand’s Te Araroa (and soon a published book), and the summer’s “Expedition ‘Land-Grab'” taking us on the longest road trip of our lives through the continental United States. That is, over 12,000 miles on the road! Its an experience worthy of its own story (and eventually we’ll share it).

And if you can believe it, we’re not done. Not even close. There are many more big things in the works including some bike touring of Europe, another Southern Hemisphere adventure (including another “long walk” and a surfing road trip), and an expedition on the Yukon river to name a few.

Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it all – or rather, thinking about how I’m going to write about it. I’ve got thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video and pages upon pages of the past adventures to put together, while compiling everything for the book. I swear that it is my current life’s mission to get the blog somewhat up-to-date.

As for the blog, we are still on New Zealand. I’m currently deep in the process of writing book 1 of the Te Araroa. I will definitely keep anyone who cares posted about that progress and share several pieces and parts right here, in the near future.

My second mission is to get back into editing all the video footage from our travel’s through Cuba and Bahamas up through Iceland, New Zealand and all over the US. It’s a huge amount of work that I hope to invest in soon.

But first, I just want to say thanks for the continued support from family, friends and dedicated readers. I am using this post to whet my whistle with the whole blogging thing again.

As of now, we are sitting in the midst of a jumble that is our boat home, trying to get things cleaned and situated for living aboard. Its amazing how the perspective of living-space changes when you go from having way too much space (i.e. a house) to way too little space (i.e. – a sailboat) to none at all (i.e. – outside). It makes “way too little” feel huge!

Welcome Back Bosco Crew

There WILL be more. So much more. Until then, goodnight sweet readers.

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4 comments on “Who’s There?

  1. You two have been away for THREE years?!! Amazing! Keep it up! You’re setting the standard, showing us all how to travel and enjoy life! – All My Best

  2. Thanks Steve! Great to hear from you – hope all is going well in your world as well.

  3. Welcome home to sv Bosco!

  4. Yeah man I really miss your humor and videos when you were outfitting the boat.

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