T-minus 5 days to lift off

Our last week is finally upon us…actually less than a week. We are planning to depart in 5 days-time from The Sailing Emporium and Rock Hall, MD. Our time here has been rather short on the grand scheme of things, though at times felt like eternity.

Before we depart, there are a few last minute details to address. Namely finishing the installation of the water tank and getting our plumbing situated. We are also planning to drive the van down to North Carolina on Friday, where it will live in storage. Sadly we are STILL waiting on one of our engine parts; hopefully it will come today or tomorrow. Then we will be free from ties to land, and probably spend the next couple of days saying our goodbye’s to friends here, and getting Bosco geared up for her first real trek.

I do have to say, that while we have been whining about our seeming lack of progress, getting out there on Bosco and the delay of our departure, there have been so many wonderful things too.

First off, we’ve met some truly amazing friends that welcomed us with open arms. They have been nothing but supportive in offering their time, energy and knowledge.

We have also learned SO MUCH. Its kind of mind blowing that only a month ago, we knew nothing about plumbing, diesel/outboard engines, fiberglass, electronics, carpentry and so on…Boat stuff. Its hard to digest all of it but slowly its becoming the ‘norm’. Not quite second nature…YET. Even more crazy is that we still have SO MUCH MORE to learn. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Despite all the work, we’ve had a ton of fun here. There have been many a day and night spent socializing, drinking, playing in the pool, taking ‘mini-vacations’, relaxing on the boat, riding our bikes, sailing with Dan, playing on the dinghy, enjoying some local traditional-celebrations, gorgeous sunsets and starry nights for riding bikes or taking photos.

The saddest part of leaving here is saying goodbye to our friends. I know we will miss Dan (s/v Clyde) the most; he’s been our closest friend at this marina; we consider him family. Wish we could tie his boat to ours and drag him to North Carolina! 😉 I think we will try to ‘caravan’ with him to the Caribbean this winter!

There’s also Bob and Christina, Dom and several of the ‘weekenders’ that we hope to see along our travels. Though I’m VERY sure we will see many of them along the way (because all of us are heading South for the winter), it will still be sad not having their company and support at our beckon call.

routeThe plan for the next 5-6 weeks is to head out of the Chesapeake to the Delaware Bay. We will head as far north as we can before mid-July, when we are going to try to make it back to Ocean City, MD to visit with family. Finally we will hop down to Oriental, NC by end of July – early August and set up shop for a few months of mega-boat-work.

It will be very strange transition from living at the marina (more-or-less) to living in a different anchorage every day. It will be our first real experience as cruisers. Progress is happening!!!

Step 1: Liveaboard. Check
Step 2: Cruisers.
Step 4: World & Beyond.

Hopefully the Force will be with us. 🙂

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  1. An adventure of a lifetime ! I salute you both .As the bikers say” Keep the shiney side up”.

    • Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for all the postings. These are fun!

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