It has been nothing but rain, clouds and wind for almost 3 weeks now with no end in sight. There was also the threat of hurricane Joaquin heading to North Carolina, which would only make things worse!

We were going stir crazy and I had an opportunity to take a little vacation to Florida with my parents, so I jumped at it. Jake did not want to join in hopes of getting more work accomplished before we depart in [hopefully] less than one month! But with the wet and wild weather getting worse by the minute, I had to make last-minute changes and leave 3 days earlier. And it was just in time before roads and airports were flooded in completely.

But poor Jake was left behind.

Jake’s Week

If the hurricane were to stay on its projected path, Jake would drive to a hotel further inland for a few days until it passed. But as hours went by, the storm tracker showed Joaquin moving further offshore. WHEW! So Jake decided to hang with Bosco through the never-ending gail.

Rain and wind were not much of a problem but since we already had so much rain, there was some pretty massive flooding. The water levels were up 5-feet in most areas and every dock that wasn’t floating was under water.

The reality was a lot less dramatic then it sounds. It was actually safer aboard the boat than anywhere else. I mean if you think about, we are stocked with enough food, water, and power to last for several weeks. Plus the boat floats and the dock floats, so we aren’t going anywhere.

But it was 4 days of sitting in the boat, unable to do anything or go anywhere. Boredom was his biggest problem. Jake’s average day: wake up, have coffee, 1 hour yoga, breakfast, watch Amazon Prime, lunch, watch more Amazon Prime, 1 hour yoga, dinner, watch Amazon Prime, go to bed. Then repeat.

Here’s a little video of Jake’s life in Oriental, NC during the flood:

Jill’s Week

My week was stark opposite of Jake’s. I flew out to Orlando, FL on Friday (the last day before roads were closed) and stayed for a week, instead of just a few days as I had originally planned.

My parents are Disney fanatics. They have been going to Disney since before I was born. Now they go there a few times a year, mostly for holidays or special events. They love staying at different resort hotels, walking the grounds (not necessarily the parks) and eating the food. The month of October is the Food & Wine festival and the focus of this trip.

The first few days it was just me and my dad. We had an excellent time and I REALLY enjoyed sleeping in a king size bed, eating gourmet food (probably too much), relaxing by the pool, and basking in the sun. My mom joined us after a few days.

It was exactly what I needed. I was just so happy to be out of the gloom of floodzilla! Now I’m back and WE are back to business on Bosco. T-minus 3 weeks and counting to wrap up the boat jobs and get back underway. Bahamas or bust!

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3 comments on “Floodzilla

  1. Poor, poor Jill! You were forced to sleep in a king size bed, eat gourmet food, relax by the pool, and bask in the sun. But that’s not ALL! O no! You also were prevented from doing all this by YOURSELF. You were compelled to share this living hell with OTHER PEOPLE … people whom you love. You poor thing! And you had to grimace and pretend to actually enjoy the Food & Wine festival.
    But, of course, the SEVENTH level of Hades came about when you literally were dragged to Disney World – the land of non-stop entertainment, exposure to many different, fascinating cultures from around the world, live music, exotic dishes & drink, smiling faces, rides galore, glorious weather and sun, sun … and more sun.
    Jill, you are a SAINT.
    And while you were persevering through these “Trials of Job,” Jake was goofing off on Bosco, arising late every day, leisurely sipping a wide variety of exquisite coffees, pretending to exercise vigorously during one hour of yoga, lazily consuming a huge breakfast, watching Amazon Prime, MORE food at lunch, MORE Amazon Prime, once again pretending to exercise vigorously during one more hour of yoga, yet MORE food at dinner (UNBELIEVABLE!!), MORE Amazon Prime and then … FINALLY … a trip to bed. (THAT must have been tough!)
    But that’s not all! He got to do all this … by HIMSELF!!
    Jill, Jill, Jill … How do you do it?!!
    You are, quite simply … AMAZING!!

    • Wow that’s so funny Steve…Don’t even know what to say. Jill is a Saint that’s for sure 😉 Jake is lucky to have her 😉 haha

  2. You guys are too cute!! These photos are great.

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