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Amazon = Amazing + LEDs

I’m sure that every boater has different tips and tricks for making the boating world more affordable and easier to manage. I just have to share in our very short time as “boaters” we have found Amazon as one of the best resources for outfitting our boat, getting stuff from all over the country for fantastic prices in just a couple of days.

We have found TONS of stuff for between 20%-50% less than retail store prices (West Marine, Fawcetts, etc.). We are prime members, so we also enjoy free 2-day shipping and streaming free movies and TV shows when we have internet. But first and foremost, it makes doing boat projects so much easier (and cheaper). I don’t know how boaters managed before Amazon existed, but I sure am happy that it does here and now. I’m not an employee in anyway of Amazon, and this isn’t an amazon plug, but it kind of is! I LOVE AMAZON for boating.

If you aren’t a boater, well then you may not know but boating life is EXPENSIVE! And for us as liveaboards, we are trying to keep ourselves on as tight a budget as marine-ly possible. So any tips or tricks are welcome!

One major goal for us (and probably many others) is to find ways to conserve battery power. Once we are out in the wilds of the waters, we won’t have unlimited shore power at our beckon call. we don’t have a limitless amount, so we thought a first order of business would be to swap all lighting to LED.

Our girl comes equipped with 10 cabin-lights. That’s a lot! And they are really beautiful when all turned on in the evening. However each one of those lights pulls a whopping 2.5AMPs (26 Watts) EACH! You do the math. That is a total of around 25AMPs of power being pulled. (if you don’t know, that’s a lot!). We did some quick research online to find that the LED replacements that we wanted would cost something like $25/light. Multiply that by 10, well that’s a lot of cash. I hopped on Amazon and found the exact same light’s for only $9.99 ea (or $8/set of 10).

So we saved $120 by shopping on Amazon. And they were delivered 2 days later and work flawlessly. OH and the best part: Each LED light pulls 0.12AMPs (1.2 Watts) for a grand total of 1.2AMPs, instead of 25AMPs. That is HUGE. Simply fantastic.

So you can imagine something as simple as this conversion saves us a ton of power and now we can light everything up and barely pull anything from our batteries. We have 300AMP hours on our current house battery bank. That means we could keep our new lights on for 12.5 days without recharging the batteries (not that we would, but its nice to know!).

We will convert all our running lights to LED, but those are far more complicated to install, so we are holding off until the big re-fit in North Carolina.

I’m also super excited about the six portable mini LED lights that we also purchased via Amazon with HUGE savings (this is a pretty light-heavy post eh?). They are awesometastik in every sense of the word. You can stick them anywhere; and let me tell you we have tons of small, dark cabinets and lockers (hello kitchen, bathroom and bedroom) for which they will be perfect! They last nearly forever too and on rechargeable batteries. Plus they are super cute. Its the little things that count, right!

Its not just lights its big stuff too. We got a great deal on a dinghy (which is an inflatable smaller boat that we will use to go to and fro anchor to dock) from Amazon. We figure any place we can save money, we need to, otherwise this worldly cruising life will come to an end far too soon.

So…lesson for the day…get on Amazon if your a boater, a live aboard, or just a regular old human living in this world (and even if your not). I’m sure everyone that has access to internet already knows the amazing wonders of amazon already (and amazon prime is even better), so I don’t need to go on and on anymore, but if for some reason you missed this memo, take it from me – AMAZON=AMAZING. Enough said.

PS. If anyone from Amazon is reading this and wants to sponsor us…just saying. 😉

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4 comments on “Amazon = Amazing + LEDs

  1. Jill & Jake,
    You wrote that one of your major concerns is to conserve battery power. I just saw this on FACEBOOK today. It’s a new, inexpensive device ($2.50) that will make your SMALL batteries (AA, AAA, C or D sizes) last EIGHT TIMES LONGER. However, it will not go on sale until September.
    “No Joke: New $2.50 Gadget Makes Batteries Last 8 Times Longer”
    Here is the link –

    • this is really cool, Steve! I wonder if they make a gadget like this to make marine-batteries last longer too…

  2. Jake and Jill,
    Love following your adventure so far! We have an IP 29 with the same light fixtures. Do you know specifically what LED bulbs you got? We ordered a pack of 20 that looked similar to the ones you got but they came packaged in sets of 10 and they do not work. We definitely would like to replace the original lights!!

    • Hi Matt & Jess – thanks so much. We used DR. LED’s website to match up our lights with the correct LED version. It has a chart that shows virtually every single light and its LED counterpart. I can’t remember which ones we have off the top of my head – when we have reliable internet I will double check and send you the link. Hope that helps – have fun w/ your IP!!!

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